Gen-Next Trainings – Fusion of different Methodologies

Learning and development has evolved drastically during the last decade. Although training had gained its significance much before in the corporate world, but different ways and methodologies has evolved specifically in the last decade. Today only classroom training is not enough. All corporates are looking for innovative methodologies. Experiential training is one of the most talked about methodology. Although it is more involving and interesting, the effectiveness of the training cannot be assumed to be always more than the classroom training. Even today, technical trainings and also soft skills trainings are effective when conducted in classrooms. As we all know, there are different types of learners, thus the methodologies that are used, have to be based on the type of learners in the group. Visual and auditory learners would always be interested in classroom training with audio visual aids, whereas kinaesthetic learners are more inclined towards experiential and activity based training. Many corporates have taken up the initiative to assess the learning styles of their employees before planning trainings for them. Effectiveness of the training does not primarily depend on the type of methodology; rather it depends on how the participants respond to the methodology. Experiential training is very effective in imparting behavioural skills. Also in today’s drastically changing times, many more new methodologies are being created by innovative trainers. Many trainers have come up with dance based and theatre/skit based training. Such trainings stimulate creativity and lateral thinking in the participants. Every methodology gives results if it suits the objectives and matches the learning styles of the participants. The generation nowadays is so active and knowledgeable that they would not settle with simple and out-dated methods and concepts. Their exposure to internet and the global environment makes them more aware and practical. They have the calibre to question theoretical concepts and their relevance. Thus, it becomes necessary for the learning and development professionals to come up with innovative and practical concepts. The participants in any training workshop look forward for an extraordinary learning experience. If a trainer wants to reinforce things which the group already knows, he will have to come up with an innovative methodology, which makes the learning experience exciting, and also helps the group to absorb the learning positively. A training workshop is successful only if the participants accept the fact that they needed to learn what has been taught to them. This acceptance is created primarily by choosing the appropriate methodology and style. The Gen-next wants fun, excitement, learning, development, creativity Рall at the same time! Training professionals need to serve all these things on a single platter with creative methodologies. Although not everyone is comfortable with every methodology, new ways need to be incorporated, and to get the best results- FUSION is the key. A perfect balance of classroom training, outdoor and experiential training will help in increasing the effectiveness of training and imparting the desired skills and developing the desired behavioural traits.