5 Things A Recruitment Consultant Can Do For You

Business is all about people, and nothing can cause more problems than hiring a wrong person for a critical job. Finding a ‘Right Person for the Right Job’ can seem as exhaustive as looking for a ‘Cinderella’ who fits the shoe. All the more reason why most companies look to employ a recruitment consultant who can provide access to relevant and right candidates that fit the bill.

A recruitment consultant’s job is not merely helping you simplify and expedite hiring process, but be your partner who supports with expert advice and services to get the right talent on-board. Here are a few must-do things that your recruitment specialist should be doing for you:

1) Access to passive and relevant candidate profiles: The tech-era has already made it very easy to reach professionals across globe looking-out for better opportunities. But that only adds to the huge pile of redundant profiles often exaggerated with a list of feel-good accomplishments of individuals. A good recruiter should be able to sift through this haystack meticulously to find relevant candidate that fits the role. Moreover, a recruiter should use his/her own network to identify and trace the candidate best suited for the job as most professionals may not be actively seeking out a change.

2) Advice for benchmarking: A recruitment consultant is more than just a facilitator for the Hiring job. A good consultant would advise on alternate ways to find a relevant candidate for new job profile or vertical put up by your company. They also help you benchmark the performance and payout factors compared to similar profile across competition and other industries that can help you attract talent.

3) Background check: A recruitment consultant would do a basic profile and background check while recommending candidates from shortlisted profiles. A simple call on office landline or home does the job. Some consultants provide additional services like extensive background check through field verification, paperwork validation etc for a premium.

4) Build bridges between candidate and company through negotiation: Salary negotiation is a critical juncture in any hiring process. This is the stage where many best suited candidates get dropped or get disinterested when the expectations are not met and all the hiring efforts are wasted. A recruitment consultant plays a role of a mediator, making sure that the candidate expectations are close to the company offer, which are discussed and benchmarked as per industry standards.

5) Positive PR Machinery: A recruitment consultant works constantly to build lasting relations with clients by understanding not just their requirement but even their business, product offerings, company culture, ethos etc. A long-term partnership with the recruitment company helps them understand and advocate your company’s strengths to create a positive image that can help reach and attract potential candidates easily.